Tuesday, September 30, 2014

IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield; Smart Way to Protect Your Vehicle

Car maintenance is a difficult and time-consuming job, regardless of your vehicle’s condition. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about complicated car repair jobs, or simpler tasks such as scraping the ice off your windshield during the colder expensive at all, and it will do much more than just keep ice off your windshield. Using this product will alsomonths. If you are a driver, then you’ve probably performed this task numerous times, because your windshield gets easily covered by a layer of ice when the temperatures outside drop below zero. If you country has a colder climate, then we are absolutely sure that the process of scraping ice off your windshield has become very tedious, but don’t despair, because there is a quick and easy solution to your problems – the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield. This great new item isn’t  make driving during the cold months much safer tasks, because you won’t have absolutely any visibility issues due to the complete lack of ice on your windshield.

So what makes the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield so special? This product is fairly new, but it is already being used by thousands of drivers who live in countries that are known for their harsh winter months, and according to the latest sales figures it is quickly gaining popularity across the entire world. Scraping the ice off your windshield can often take up to 10-20 minutes, and even more if you don’t have the right equipment. In the meantime mounting the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield takes just 1-2 minutes, and you won’t notice any ice on your windshield even if you leave your car out in the cold for days. The product is so durable that it can be used for years, and thanks to the handy self-storage bag you get. It will take minimum space while you keep it unmounted in your car. The shield features a double water proof design that will prevent water from staying on your windshield long enough for it to freeze. The mounting technique is incredibly simple& effective, so you will be able to easily mount & unmount the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield in a matter of minutes. The product’s designers have also come with up a unique security pocket that will help the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield to endure strong winds, as well as protect it from thieves.

Did we mention that the shield features two sides? The more unique one will protect your windshield from ice & frost, but if you turn the shield you’ll find a reflective coating that will keep the sun away from the interior of your car. This way you won’t risk your dashboard, steering wheel and front seats’ condition during the hot summer months. The mounting mechanism consists of 4 to 7 magnetic pockets, as well as two flaps which are secured by your car’s doors, so you can rest assured that your IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield won’t disappear during a windy night.

And if you are worried about your car’s aesthetics, then you’ll be pleased to know that the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield comes in several color schemes that will match your vehicle’s style & maintain its good visual appearance. You can also get a custom logo or text printed on your shield for some extra money, so don’t hesitate to visit the official website if you’d like to see all the customization options. The affordable price & 5-year warranty are other two things that we think turn this product in one of the best and most helpful car accessories many drivers have seen in years.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Footie Tees - Support the Sport

If you are a football player or a huge football sport fan, footie t's are made for you. Footie Tees offers a variety of  t-shirts, in different sizes, styles and colors, designed specifically for those individuals who participates - whether play or as a fan - in football, and would take great pride in representing the sport with clothing related to its activity.
Footie Tees are available for females, males, kids and babies and are designed in multiple styles.

The colors available for acquisition are of great quantity. Consumers are accessible to every major t-shirt color such as: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, white and grey, and even comes in two color shirt styles of black and white, brown and yellow and white and black. Quality of t-shirts are of Gildan's 100% cotton and is a proven brand that offers long lasting and trustworthy material.

Prices of footsie tees are very reasonable. Depending on the size and shirt type, you are looking to pay between $9.50 - $19.90 per t -shirt. In addition, consumers can expect their product to ship at fast rates. The average ship time for these foosie tees is an amazing 1-2 business days, and any orders that exceed $159 are shipped absolutely free. Orders that fall below $159 is granted a very low shipping and handling cost:

• $0 - $49.99 - $4.50
• $50.00 - $99.99 - $7.00
• $100.00 - $159.99 - $9.50

The printing technique used to design and provide consumers with satisfactory products is the flex print technique. This technique produces a semi-shiny surface that is smooth and durable, and includes up to three different colors in it's resulting design. The material used on this technique is called polythene. Polythene is very well known for producing very high quality results that are noticeably attractive to the human eyes.

In addition to footie tees, consumers can also purchased hoodies, cotton totes, muscle shirts, long sleeve shirts, baby one pieces, baby bibs, capri fitness pants, tie die shirts and even more. The weather changes throughout the year, and in some states the cool weather is a factor - resulting in a warm hoodie at this time would be an absolute beneficial move in this condition. Also, during times ladies opt to work out their bodies, capri fitness pants for women would work wonders and provide women comfort while exercising for tip top shape conditioning. For an inside look at what exactly is offered, visit: http://www.footie-tees.spreadshirt.com. There, you will get more information our products mentioned and find other great products worthy of consideration, in the realms of footies.

Take a website visit today and experience catchy footie tee phrases that can catch the attention of not only football fans and players, but even outsiders who have no clue on what a footie is all about. Show your support for football today and grab one of these footie tees for yourself, your wife, your kids, the baby, your friends and even grandma. This is your chance at taking advantage of low priced footie tees, that are definitely lower than competition and providing of high Gildan shirt quality that lasts. Visit http://www.footie-tees.spreadshirt.com now.

For further information or questions or concerns not covered in the site, contact Tracy Collins @ tracy.collins1@yahoo.com .

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Adrien Broner’s Controversial Post-Fight Interview after Defeating Paulie Malignagii

After the decision was read at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, three-time world champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner jumped victoriously onto the top ropes in the red corner and triumphantly thrust his fists into the air. His golden boxing-shorts gleamed almost as brilliantly as the thick gold chains around his neck as Showtime sportscaster Jim Gray escorted him towards the center of the ring for the traditional post-fight interview.
While initially praising opponent Paulie Malignagii’s character and skills in the ring, the twenty-three year old world champion followed his comments of praise by calling the former champ’s game plan predictable. During the fight, Broner was even heard goading Malignagii by tapping his own chin and proclaiming, “You can’t hit me!” Among a handful of fighter to move up in weight to immediately win a title; “The Problem” said he was comfortable at the new weight-class and that he had no regrets about the pre-fight trash talk the two traded during the bout’s promotional buildup. “I’m good! I beat Paulie. I left with his belt and his girl!” As Broner and Malignagii fans cheered and booed the comment respectively, Malignagii rushed over to confront the new champ, but was ultimately pulled away by his corner men, allowing cooler heads to prevail. The undefeated Broner, who was sponsored by the New York City-based Avianne Jewelers, went on a tour of the city before his fight on June 22, visiting the jeweler’s flagship store in New York’s famed Diamond District. Along with the solid gold chains and diamond pendants worn by the fighter during his post-fight interview, the boxing prodigy picked up a slick custom diamond watch.
The master jewelers at Avianne & Co. have been designing and producing exquisite diamond jewelry for over two decades from the heart of New York City’s legendary Diamond District. With an extensive gallery of mens diamond jewelry, the team at Avianne & Co. has had the opportunity to work with the most talented artists and athletes in the world. For more information about the pieces purchased by Adrien Broner, call 888-243-4344 to speak with a dedicated sales representative.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Amazing IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield

Many people that live in colder climates have been trying new things in order to protect their cars from the snow and ice. Ice scraping is a frustrating chore that can sometimes cause people to scratch and damage their windshields. Many people have to get up early in order to complete the process of ice scraping in time for work. Some people even have to risk driving with a partially obscured windshield because they didn't have the time to complete their morning ice scraping. The IceScreen Magnetic ice shield can help them, saving them time, frustration, and money in the short-term and long-term.

Some people might be skeptical about a device like this, imagining how difficult it will be to have it properly fitted each and every day. The magnetic design allows for quick and easy fitting. Using the ice shield will quickly become a normal part of a customer's winter routine. At any rate, using a product like this is significantly easier and more efficient than having to go through the daily grind of ice scraping. The double water proof design makes the ice shield even more effective and durable for customers. They will be using their IceScreen Magnetic ice shields for many seasons. When customers purchase the ice shield, they will get self-storage bags where they can keep their ice shields during the warmer months of the year, and during their indoor hours.

Thieves and strong winds are potential threats in any season, of course, and this ice shield can guard against these hazards as well. Many of the ice shields come in visually pleasing, neutral tones that will complement the design and coloration of most vehicles, so customers won't have to worry about the aesthetics of their cars when they use these ice shields. Customers will quickly adjust to using their ice shields each and every morning.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Excelerol: A Review

Excelerol is a non-prescription brain health supplement known to improve the focus of the mind, improve memory, improve alertness, improve concentration, and more. As a result of these improvements, The people are experiencing a number of benefits that include: increased job performance, increased energy, and an increased clarity.

Part of Excelerol's formula contains citicoline and phosphatidylserine, and the pure vegetarian liquid capsules provide rapid absorption into the body. So if you're a student facing finals, or focusing for a technical project, Excelerol can have a significantly positive effect on the outcome and can help your brain reach its highest potential.


Excelerol contains a number of healthy ingredients, and each has its own purpose. Following is a list of each:
Vitamin B12
Guarana Extract
Kola Nut Extract
Acetyl L Carnitine
Bacoppa Monnieri Extract
Peppermint Oil
Green Tea Extract
Ginko Biloba Extract
Rhodiola Extract
White Tea Extract
Black Tea Extract
Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine
Huperzine Extract

As is clear to see, there are a number of active ingredients, and they all add their own benefits. In fact, thousands of people are benefiting from Excelerol. Excelerol only contains caffeine derived from natural sources, is free from amphetamines and harsh chemicals, Has immediate short and long term benefits, is produced to pharmaceutical standards, has been tested for integrity and purity by a major pharmaceutical lab, and it lasts for 6 hours. They will even rush your order!


The product isn't cheap, but the results are great, so you get what you pay for.
You still need to eat healthy and get proper nutrition and exercise, but this pill actually works!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Using DealDash

Many people are interested in finding the oldest websites online. Plenty of great web paradigms have arisen over the years, and they have had plenty of inferior imitators. People interested in penny auction websites should know that DealDash has made more longevity than any other American penny auction site. It has stood the test of time in many different ways, and developed a following along the way.
Websites with this sort of history can usually hold their own and withstand economic changes. They are also that much more likely the meet the needs of their customers.DealDash has been rated very highly for the quality of its customer service, which is indeed a rarity in this niche.
Given the age of the website, they have had a great deal of experience.
Some people are wary of using penny auction websites, and they can have a wide variety of different concerns. Some people may simply be indifferent and apathetic, since they don't think that they'll find anything that they like on penny auction websites, and don't feel the need to even try. These people should know that DealDash has a lot of kitchen equipment available, which these people can get at a reduced rate. They may spend three percent of what they would spend otherwise if the items are new, which can be truly impressive savings for people that clip coupons on a regular basis looking for the best deal.
Customers that are worried about the quality of the items should know that DealDash has brand name items on hand, from places like Sears, Walmart, and Best Buy. They can get more or less the same products they would otherwise at outlets like these, only with more of an element of chance and fun. DealDash has a lot to offer outside of its product range, and people are getting a lot more than just the items they win. However, the items they win are still high-quality, which is more than can be said for the items available at many penny auction sites.
For customers with kids, there are plenty of children's toys available as well, which can be especially helpful when the holidays are approaching. People that are trying to add to their home theaters will be able to find plenty of good products through DealDash. DealDash certainly has a lot to offer its potential clients and customers.
Winning the items certainly adds plenty of excitement to the whole endeavor, but even the people that don't win will still have options. The Buy It Now application helps people receive their bids, so no one has to feel too disappointed.
DealDash tries to protect its customers from unnecessary spending. They make sure that shipping is free, so customers can focus on the actual products, as opposed to the logistics. People that make their first purchases can get all of their money back, if necessary, although DealDash is confident that customers will be satisfied. Many customers have enjoyed their time with DealDash, which is one reason it has been in the game for so long.

Toyota Prius Vs. Honda Civic Hybrid Review 2014

Having a fuel efficient car is an aim of everyone these days as the fuel prices are rising every day. Two great cars that you can consider purchasing are Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid. However, if you are deciding between these two cars, then you to compare them on certain factors determining which car are better for you.


Both the cars are good with mileage and drive and offer the drivers with efficient mileage and drive. For instance, Toyota Prius is great for city driving and is fuel efficient in city driving areas. On the other hand, the Civic Hybrid is great for highway driving and is much near to MPG compared to the Prius.


The price range for both the vehicles is very competitive and the comparison between the two is on the basis of MSRP. The Toyota Prius is in the price range of $19000 to 26,000 and the Honda Civic is approximately for $24,000. These are the net prices and the dealer markups, added options can increase the prices mentioned.


The drive comparison between these two cars considers several elements:

• Ignition: On the ignition aspect, the plus point about Toyota Prius is that it has an optional remote engine start and it can even start via pushbutton. The Minus point is that the drivers who have never driven this car may get confused on how to start it. The Honda Civic starts simply like a non-hybrid car by inserting an ignition key and this makes it easy to start. If the engine has started and there is a delay in driving the car, the gas gets wasted.

• Visibility: The rear visibility of Toyota Prius is not good but the optional backup camera compensates for it. The minus point is that the front visibility is hidden because of the huge dashboard. The Honda civic excels in that as both the rear and front visibility are acceptable.

• Gauges: The gauge of Toyota Prius displays immediate MPG and regeneration diagram. The Minus point is that the diagram can distract the driver. The Honda Civic also excels in this factor as it shows the exact MPG and regeneration level.

• Navigation system: Both Honda Civic and Toyota Prius have optional satellite navigation system with the color touch screen and even speech recognition.


As per the reliability factor is considered, both Honda and Toyota has a perfect repair history. There are various new components involved in the hybrids and both the models have not yet had shown any signs of issues with the reliability.


The acceleration of Toyota Prius is slightly better compared to Honda Civic but the difference is not much as both of the models are good compared to a fully gas driven car. The engine size of Prius is 1.5 L to 1.8L for the 2010 and the Honda Civic has an engine size of 1.3L. Both the models are 4-cylunder.